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ANDREA BOS is a brand and a designer, focussing on creating unique and personal pieces of clothing through sustainable practices. Her curiosity for craftsmanship and her belief in the importance of a loving relationship with your clothes, lead to the origin of ANDREA BOS.

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Clothes have to be worn and loved and consumed. A piece of clothing is a using item; it cannot be perfect all the time, it has to have the signs of time, it contains your memories and by repairing it you celebrate them.

In the immediate, buying a ready-to-wear piece of clothing is cheaper. But this piece is most likely to be replaced regularly, because it doesn’t bring joy or gets out of style soon, which makes this kind of consumption very expensive on the long term.

On the other hand, a piece of clothing that is more expensive when you purchase it, but tailored to your needs, is more likely to be cherished and repaired over time. A piece of clothing is not static, instead it has the ability to adapt to your changing needs over time. This mindset can also help you to break free from the importance of trends: make what you wear as something that belongs to your needs and your personality.

the person behind the brand

Besides her love for spending time behind the sewing machine, she also enjoys getting to know new people through the clothes she makes for them. With ANDREA BOS, she strives to inspire and show people the endless possibilities to revive clothes. With a strong belief in the craft of making clothes and a curiosity for the stories behind each piece, she wishes to practise a sustainable and mindful way of making clothes.

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With an all round creative interest and background, Andrea Bos started to develop the concept of ANDREA BOS in 2019, when she moved to Antwerp, Belgium.

This move encouraged her to rethink her values related to the things she wanted to create. For a long time, she has been repairing and altering her own clothes, which evolved into a personal relationship with each piece that she owns. Over time, she realized that this is not as relatable to everyone as she would expect. Many people lack the basic knowledge of materials and repairing, which results in an ignorance around repairing and reviving their clothes after a little stain or a rip. This motivated her to start the concept of ANDREA BOS.

By creating clothes, only using the materials of second hand cand preloved clothing, she got to redefine her values as a maker. She wants to explore the possibilities to build a conscious and local clothing brand, promoting a loving and personalized relationship between each piece and its wearer.

the stories behind the brand

By giving you an insight into some previous projects and their journey, ANDREA BOS hopeS to explain even beter what inspires her to do what she does. Have a look at these stories and hopefully you get inspired too.

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